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The Solution

Content Synchronization

How it works

Instead of including copyright content directly within a social media video; copyright content can now be played synchronously from its legally accessible source.

Any time you navigate to a VODL supported video. That video’s corresponding copyright content will open in a picture in picture style separated window. If the copyright content is a video, both videos will then play synchronously with one another. Maintaining synchronicity when you, the user, interact with either video in any way.

Check out our instillation guide, and download our extension.

Ad Revenue Retention

If you're a creator that generates ad revenue, not only will you never be demonetized. If the content your video is referencing also has ads, the owner of that content will retain all ad revenue as well. Ads will not break synchronicity and will play in full.

Paid Streaming Services

Viewers of copyright content streamed from paid streaming services must have access to a valid account. For example, if a VODL YouTube video links to a movie streaming on Netflix; the viewer must have a valid Netflix account to view the Netflix movie.


With VODL, streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, and more; can now leverage the full influential weight of any social media creator. Funneling internet traffic, interest, and ad revenue, directly toward their own content.

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