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About VODL

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VODL began as a small group of programming students in 2021. All we had was an idea, to build software that synchronously plays copyright videos with YouTube videos. With next to no experience and no idea how to start, it was unlikely we were ever going to achieve our goal. Despite this, it wasn't more than a year later that we filled a patent on our new invention.

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To protect social media companies and creators from copyright infringement, while also increasing revenue for copyright owners. Protecting millions around the world, and freeing up creators to do more of what they love. We provide copyright freedom, protection, and benefits for all.


We want to see our favorite creators free to express themselves without the worry of being silenced by large corporations. We also want those corporations to benefit from our creators influence. We want our technology to be included on all social media platforms, so creators can freely use any copyright content they want.

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